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Got new order, but finished it 1 year ago!


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i got a new/old order yesterday. The problem with this is, i finished the work about 1 year ago. The order i got is exactly the same order. The Buyer already contacted me that he didnt ordered anything and that this order is the same order i already finished over 1 year ago. I saw it is the same and told him we do nothing at all until i contact the support. Well, contacting the support is not so easy, because i dont even have the option to write them anything or better could not find it. I will see if the buyer have the option to cancel the whole thing. I would like to ask her if there are any suggestions what we can do. i never had this problem before.

Thank you very much


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So you are saying that the buyer said they did not resubmit the order? It just showed up as a new order again? You can contact support here, by submitting a ticket and someone will get back to you, usually within 24 hours http://support.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


Fiverr Customer Support


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