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One of my biggest issues with Fiverr is that I feel like they're not very transparent. Most of the features on fiverr  just say you have to meet certain qualifications but never list what they are so you don't even know what to work on in the first place.

For example I got the cash advance feature randomly and accepted it. A few days later In the span of a day I gained more impressions to my gigs than I had in the last 8 months combined (I had done nothing different) and ended up paying off most of the loan after a really rough week of 14+ hour days and understanding from awesome buyers. Now that the loan is paid off I wondered about if I would be able to retake 1 out again (the option is gone) and it's "automatically determined" but I have no idea what the benchmarks are I need to reach or where I'd need to improve to get the feature again.

Same thing with promoting my gigs. On my dashboard I was 5 stars with perfect scores across the board and just randomly I lost the ability to promote my gigs. When I noticed I wasn't eligible I assumed I had maybe received a bad private review that was delayed as it had been a few days since my last delivery and all my deliveries up to that point we're 5 stars publicly. When I tried to find out what was going on I was told they don't disclose the full eligibility and I didn't meet "additional quality metrics". How do I take that info and improve? My scores were still perfect and all my public reviews were 5 stars

Most of the helpful or crucial systems Fiverr uses to help buyers are gated by invisible metrics that the seller doesn't have access to and when those metrics mean you don't get access to a system crucial for your success on the platform and you don't even know which part you need to improve..... well it kinda sucks.

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