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Gig Edit to lost rank my gig. why?



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7 hours ago, freemostafizur said:

Last 7 days ago I was editing my gig. Somehow 1 day before my gig impression was 1K. After editing my gig everyday impression is only 60-100.

It can be stressful seeing your gig impressions drop, whatever the reason may be. However, by the sounds of things you have made a change to your gig, fiver will rank your gig higher based on your gigs metrics Check this post out for my views on this. Making a change to your gig does throw a spanner in the works.

As I explain on my other post, Fiverr too are running a business, so they need to ensure that they are ranking those that are able to bring more business by providing an excellent service at the top. If you continue to provide an excellent service, the customers are happy, so they will increase your rankings, so on and so forth.

When you make a change to the gig, Fiverr doesn't know how well the gig will perform now, whether the service will change, what you will do differently, so the metrics will be impacted in the short-term.

However, it is fully recoverable in time. My gig was averaging 30,000 impressions a month, I made a few changes and it dropped below 100 in the last 30 days. All you will need to do is maintain your high-quality gigs performance, ensure that your buyers are leaving happy and you will bring your gig back up the ranking.


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