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Contest Alert 🏅 Show Us Your Logo Variations!

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Attention designers! We’re kicking off a Logo-Variation Competition!! 

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: The more variety you provide, the more buyers your work will appeal to! We have gone on and on and on (and on!!) in recent forums about the many ways to create variations using the Logo Maker editor, from maximizing palette features to experimenting with typography, and everything in between. 

Have you been following our forums and experimenting? It’s time to show us what you got!!

We’re looking for designers with the MOST distinct variations in their arsenal. Our top 3 picks will be rewarded!



Need a refresher? Here are some variations that will create endless combinations: 

  • Different palette sizes

    • Recommended: 1-5 colors

  • Different color combinations and opacity

    • Recommended: Filled-in symbols, inverted coloring, negative space

  • Different typography styles and letter spacing

  • Different background options

  • Outlined and framed options

  • Complementary colors

  • Black and white options

  • Other -- Did you come up with out-of-the-box solutions? We want to see! 



And as for the prizes-

  1.  First place will get 1000 Fiverr credits

  2. Second place will get 750 Fiverr credits

  3. Third place will get 500 Fiverr credits




Do you think you have the most unique variations? Show us in the comments! Tell your friends and other designers, if you think they could win the prize–and you’re not afraid of a little competition.

Submit your logo by commenting your “View as Buyer” link below. The share option is under ‘my logos’ tab->  the three dots at the right-> share



The logo variation contest will end and submissions will be reviewed on May 28th. Winners will be announced in approximately one month.  ----------SUBMISSION CLOSED----------


Good Luck, Everyone!!🌵


Ready, set, (lo)GO!

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Nice move Fiverr 😎

Starting a contest is always a good idea to stimulate; on the one hand more variations are uploaded on Logo Maker in a short period of time and on the other this action spurs logo designers to use the variations tool.

With great pleasure I participate, and this is my idea of variations: https://www.fiverr.com/s/1Q9XBe

Happy competition everyone 💚

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Here is personal feedback after seeing the proposals of the other participants.
I think it could allow some designers to "fix the shot" and make the competition more stimulating 🙂

The variations are precisely "variations" of the same concept, but I believe that in this case, to make the most of the variations tool on Logo Maker, you have to generate such extreme variations that they seem like completely different concepts. Sometimes so different to allow the inclusion of new market industries that may not be possible to associate with the native and initial concept loaded.

Attached are the most significant examples of my proposal presented to participate in the contest.

Hope this helps 👍


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