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How do I start fresh in Fiverr?

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I haven't been active here for more than 4 years, mainly because somewhere around 5 years ago I got an order during I was inactive, I did not accept the order (I wasn't online for a few weeks) but the client gave me 1 star rating, and as that time my fiverr account was brand new with only one task completed (with 5 star rating), my average rating became poor and I could neither bid nor get shown in the search results when the clients searched I guess. So it still is quite the same I strongly believe.


Now I want to start fresh and new. How can I do it? Should I delete my account and re-register? Or is there any other better way?

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Hi there. Your situation is quite difficult. If l were you, I would create a new gig instead of deleting and creating a new account. My worry about new account is that there are some new users that claim about unapproved new account, ID verification problems, and any other issues.

But it's totally up to you.

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