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Internet outage in Pakistan


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As a Fiverr seller from Pakistan, we have been facing difficulties due to the recent developments in country which have caused internet outages. This has made it hard for us to work, and even when we do find an internet connection, it is slow, further adding to the challenges.

The internet has become an essential part of many people's work, and for a Fiverr seller, it is even more critical as it is the platform where we earn our livelihood. The recent internet outages have undoubtedly had a severe impact on our work. As a seller, we are expected to be available to our clients and complete their orders within a specific time frame. With the internet being down, we may not be able to respond to our clients' queries promptly, leading to a delay in completing their orders. This delay can have a ripple effect on our Fiverr profile and negatively impact our rating, which can further affect our business.

Even when we do find an internet connection, it is very slow. Slow internet can make it challenging to work efficiently, especially when dealing with large files, video conferencing, or uploading and downloading files. This can make it very frustrating to work, leading to a decrease in productivity and affecting the quality of work we produce.

The recent developments and internet outages in Pakistan have certainly had an adverse effect on our work as a Fiverr seller. The slow internet connection adds to the already existing challenges, making it hard to meet the demands of our clients and maintain your reputation as a seller. Hopefully, the situation will improve soon, and we can resume our work without further interruptions.

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