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I got just 2 sales


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Actually, we’re too many sellers on Fiverr, and the quality work (number of positive reviews or the percentage of positive rating) don’t matter anymore.

I have 1 or 3 sales per day, even I have more than 1300 positve feedbacks and 100% postive rating, but beginners with 3 or 11 reviews (and less than 100% postive rating) are listed in front of me or other old sellers with many thousands of reviews.

Now Fiverr is looking to get more sellers, not to list the quality work after the number of reviews or the percentage of rating. In one year and a few months I flooded the internet by promoting my gigs on social media, YouTube, blogs, forums, etc.

So, it’s useless to promote anymore your gigs, just fiverr algorithms are responsable to list you in front of searches of buyers or not.

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