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Things seem to be going well


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Massive earnings beat, interesting. Sure, guidance being too low can produce earnings beats, but the fact is that they have been considerably higher than previous quarters. Maybe business isn't doing so bad, across the platform, as a lot of the people on the forums have been feeling?


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19 minutes ago, glow_writer said:

At the expense of sellers and buyers? Well, you gotta keep your investors happy, right?

All the earnings (or the vast majority at least) come from their commission and fees on orders made. Sure, reducing costs on their end can contribute to better earnings (although that shouldn't be bad for buyers or sellers, Fiverr spending less money doesn't impact how much you're making), but for the earnings to keep rising this much it means the business (as in, volume and value of orders placed) can't be going down. A lot of people on the forums were under the impression that business was slowing down a lot, it doesn't seem to be the case.

Alternatively, if the revenue is not increasing, just the earnings, it means they cut costs tremendously, which means they were wasting money before, pretty much. If that's the case, it's also a positive imo.

In any case, it's good that the earnings keep going up. It means the business is sustainable, and can grow. If Fiverr's earnings were consistently negative, with no improvement, it would be a matter of time until they went bankrupt, and then there wouldn't be a platform for anyone anymore.

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