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When creating an offer: How to distinct between my fee and the purchase of needed templates/addons on behalf of the client?

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I am creating an offer for a potential client for delivering a website. 

Part of the solution is that the clients purchases and gets owner ship of third-party joomla addons / templates that are needed to build the solution.  I do not earn any money on it, and I don't wnat to (i am not a reseller).

How do I integrate this in my offer? My goal is that I order the addons / templates and that my customer refunds me. But this is not net income for me.  

How do I do this?



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Simply send the offer to your client for developing the website. 

For Example, I will build a 10-page website for you and the cost would be $150. You need to have an active domain and hosting service and provide me with the login details before I start the work. For developing the website I need a Joomla package that would be integrated with your website and you will be the owner of the plugin. You can buy a Joomla package that I will share with you and provide me the login details of Joomla to integrate with your website. So here you charge the client $150 only which is for your time and expertise. Hope it helps. 

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