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Hi Mam,

Hopefully, you are fine and doing well. For anyone who wants to take his gig on the front page following three things are important:

  1. Try to use more than one keyword related to your category in the gig title. e.g. ( I will make youtube shorts and edit videos ) Here, youtube shorts and edit videos are two keywords.
  2. In the tags section, put tags that clients mostly search for when they visit Fiverr.
  3. Also In the description of the gig, you should use keywords that are related to your category.


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A reduction in impression means the gig is not up to the mark(as per Fiverr standards). Please observe(don't copy) the top-ranking gigs in your category and make the changes in your gig. Will help in getting more impressions. I had the same issue it was resolved. Thanks

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On 7/18/2023 at 12:25 AM, entrymate32 said:

my gigs impressions and clicks are getting very low. what can i do. plz help.

Data entry? You are competing with more than 68,000 sellers. That is why it is difficult to get an order. My advice would be learn a less competitive skill 

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