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How can i improve my gigs impression and raking


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Here's a few suggestions:

Gig: I will create the top 250 local citations to improve google rating

In the gig description there might be too much spacing near the start.
It says "The BEST Local Citation Service on Fiverr to BOOST SEO in 2022." - how can it be the best local citation service on Fiverr to boost SEO in 2022 when you created your Fiverr account in 2023? It might be worth changing that. Note: If you copied most of the description from someone else's gig then that's not allowed (see community standards page).
You could reword "Fast delivery than expected".

Gig: I will do forum posting and create dofollow forum backlinks
Your main gig image says "PERMANANT"- maybe change that.

You could try adding an FAQ to the gigs and maybe using your marketing skills to market the gigs.

Your profile says "Having more than 02 years' experience" - you don't really need the leading 0 in "02". 

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