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How to handle unreasonable buyer

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7 hours ago, razwankhanmkr said:

How do you handle difficult or unreasonable buyer requests on Fiverr? Any advice for setting boundaries and managing expectations?

Hi @razwankhanmkr! I think you mentioned the answer in your question - the way to handle a difficult/unreasonable buyer IS by setting boundaries and managing the expectations. This means you've got to communicate with your buyers when things aren't working for you. Too many sellers suffer in silence (myself included!), when all they need to do is speak up and let the buyer know that they have broken a boundary line and it's not working.

When you quietly allow your boundaries to be broken, you are giving buyers the opportunity to take advantage of you (repeatedly) and give you a lot of grief. Stand your ground and let your buyers know that you aren't comfortable with their request or the situation their request or comments are putting you in.

In most cases, buyer will respect my boundaries. If they don't then I can always mark them as spam (if they haven't placed an order) or block them (if they have). Most of the ones that I block are buyers who started business with me when my rates were really low. Once I started increasing my prices, I've had less issues with difficult and unreasonable buyers. 

I also LOVE 😍 the Request to Order feature because buyers can't place orders with me unless I want to work with them. This solves a lot of my problems. Buyer Insights are also extremely helpful and if buyers have really low ratings from sellers (<4.3), I try to stay away from them.

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