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My seller account is not approved



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There might have been something about the service you created or profile/account details that they thought was a problem.

eg. if you copied something from another seller or used an image that Fiverr's checker found very similar to an image already online then that might be a reason (if it was due to an image that's online you could prove it's yours but they haven't been more specific). Since we can't see what the gig was we can't tell what any issue with the gig might have been. There's a couple of spelling issues in the profile description but I doubt it was because of that. My guess it would be something about the gig you created. Ideally they'd give more info in these sorts of messages and a chance for approval at a later time.


However if approved how much more time will it take?

I haven't heard on the forum of them later approving a seller profile after they gave that message out.

You could ask them for more details what the reason for the seller profile not being approved were so you know and have more info if you want to dispute something (eg. if it was for an image that they thought you copied but you didn't).

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