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Gig Impressions Drops to Zero Quickly


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Hello everyone,
My name is Waseem Anjum and I offer data entry and lead generation services. I currently have 7 gigs listed on my account, and I have been able to successfully rank a few of them. Over the past few months, all of my gigs have received a total of 2k impressions. However, recently, I noticed that the impressions for all of my gigs have dropped to zero, and I am not sure why. This has happened to all of my gigs, and I am seeking assistance from more experienced individuals.
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Your performance is low. You received 3 reviews in 8 months.

Fiverr puts sellers with good sales and good performance in the search results. You are disappearing in the search results due to your weak performance.

 Improve your sales and performance and you will get visibility in the search results.

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