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Hello everyone ! 
I'm new in fiverr. unfortunately  no single  order was there for last four month science my gig was   published  .This is not any complain against anyone .  Complain is against me. I just want to share my community so that any  expert seller can help me by chequing my gig  weather I have made any mistake  or there is any weakness in my gig.I'm a lead generator especially  real estate lead generation is very much favourite to me.
It is  natural  that a  buyer will search an experienced guy & who has enough feedback.But if a new seller doesn't win a job how a feedback will be shown?I can describe about me.I don't have track record but I'm experienced enough.Now I'm 53 years and 27 years job experiences. 15 years experience in lead generation and email marketing .I realise that this experience is a big zero till I'm not gaining any  job or any feedback. I  gained extensive knowledge in lead generation and email marketing  from my corporate career .This is reality.However please cheque my gigs and guide me so that I can correct me and win job.Thank you all.
best regards .

real estate lead gig 75.png

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I suggest you take a read through this guide I wrote for gig optimization. It might help you get that first order going. I also think it will give you a couple of better ideas on how to make your gig images to better catch potential client's attention.

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