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Bad experiences with sellers who no longer respond

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I would also like to share my experience.

I've been on this site for a good two years and have already commissioned dozens of gigs - all in all, I'm very satisfied with fFverr. But what I've noticed lately is that the sellers don't answer anymore.

I am currently looking for a developer for a mobile game. A month ago, I wrote a developer with 5 stars (and over 50 ratings) and clarified the details. I have to say that I am a developer myself and have already developed my app ideas for android. But now these are also supposed to come for Apple products and since I have no idea about that, fFverr is a good choice. So I wrote to this developer and explained to him how the app/game should look. He didn't quite understand (which is okay, because it's not that easy to explain), so I sent him a video of my app to explain it better. He then said he would get back to me. Two weeks went by and there was no reply. I asked him what was going on and then he started making excuses. One excuse here, another one there and in the end nothing came of the gig. Maybe it was stupid to send the video? I don't know! In any case, weeks went down the drain because of this conversation...

After that, I wrote directly to the next one. This time someone who also has 5 stars, but not quite as many ratings. Same game here. He would be overjoyed to develop it for me, because my price is also higher than his premium gig price. He then said that he would have to "calculate" approximately how long it would take and the final price. The end of the story. I don't get an answer anymore! Of course - stupid as I am - I also sent the video to this person to explain it better.

What really bothers me about Fiverr is that they don't have a rating system for this kind of thing. it's unprofessional, even though they have so many good ratings. How can I avoid this? All I want is a developer to help me with this project, it can't be that hard, can it? So much time is lost writing with developers only to be ghosted. Let's be clear. No job came about because the details were never clarified.

Do you have any tips for me? How to avoid that experience? Any good devs out there?

Btw, sorry for my English, it isn't my first language. 

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Sadly, this happens in the gig economy always. In my personal experience, for every project I have I write 3-5 different people and then make my choice based on:

- who answered first

- who answered best

- price

- expertise

Fiverr has so many sellers that this is simply bound to happen. The best thing to do is account for it and message several people right from the get-go.

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