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Activated Plugin not showing in WP dashboard

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Hi @obaid360 you haven't shared the plugin name, source of the plugin, and how you have activated it (via WordPress plugin repository or upload function on add new plugin page or via FTP / File Manager )

WordPress gets plugins information from the plugins header file which looks like this

 * Plugin Name:       My Basics Plugin
 * Plugin URI:        https://example.com/plugins/the-basics/
 * Description:       Handle the basics with this plugin.
 * Version:           1.10.3
 * Requires at least: 5.2
 * Requires PHP:      7.2
 * Author:            John Smith
 * Author URI:        https://author.example.com/
 * License:           GPL v2 or later
 * License URI:       https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html
 * Update URI:        https://example.com/my-plugin/
 * Text Domain:       my-basics-plugin
 * Domain Path:       /languages

Make sure the plugin has a header file with the above content 

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