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"The phone number has problem" and after waiting for 24 hours unable to even try verifying my phone number anymore?

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So I lived in Malaysia and as I was finishing my gig, there was a segment where I have to do a phone number verification

No problem, its just a normal verification process.

So I checked in the correct number region (Malaysia, 60+) and keyed in the following numbers of my phone. But then, this red sentence comes out at the bottom saying something like "the phone number has problem"

What problem?! What is the problem? It doesn't even let me know what's the problem. I checked the number through and through, even look up on my phone and double checked it that way but still, same results three times in a row.

Then I cant retry again as it says I reached the maximum tries and I have to try again in 24 hours. Alright fine, that was weird but I'll wait till tomorrow (which is today)

I pinned the webpage on my browser (Opera GX), closed the browser and opened it up just now which brings  me back to the phone verification page.

But now it just straight up showing a "Publish" button! And when I clicked it, it went grey for 2 seconds, then comes back up green again!

I don't know what's the problem but I really want to get this solved or at least what was wrong.

There's no way the phone number that I use daily and for multiple websites and accounts "has problem" when I have never encounter this prob before.
If its really was a misinput then I would be ok with it. But that wasn't the case which just made this so confusing!

So I will really appreciated it if anyone can help figure out what is going on and possibly help me solve it.

Thank you so much. (Sorry if the sentences sound a bit agro, I'm in heat can't help with it) 

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