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How can I get the first order on fiverr?


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You are a "digital marketing specialist". So, use your skills for yourself first.

By the way, double check everything about your profile and gigs title (even gig description I am sure); there are a lot of things to be improved.

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No Orders? Here Are 7 Updates You Can Make During The Slow Times.

When business slows down, it's a good time to update your business and gigs. That way, when orders pick up again, your business runs smoothly and efficiently. Below are some of the things you can update during your downtime. Please feel free to add to the list!

1. Quick Responses (QR);
2. Portfolio;
3. Titles & Tags;
4. Average Selling Price (ASP);
5. Profile & Gig Text;
6. Workflow & Processes;
7. Gig Videos;

So there you have it! Seven different things that you can update when you have the time. Once you make your updates, don't forget to monitor your gigs to see how they perform over time.

Any Thoughts Or Additional Comments?
Read the full article written by @vickieito right here:


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