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Comment Collaboration Tool stopped working...

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I'm a fairly new seller still, at the start my clients and I could freely use the Comment feature system to point out and comment on any specific location in the Sample/Draft images I sent. Referring to the Pink annotation Dots that appear when you left-click any part of an image, followed by a message box for commenting. However, I suddenly lost the ability to use this feature? My clients can still do so without any problems, but I can't seem to make the same comments any more, only respond to them.

I had to revert back to just explicitly stating which part of the image/video I'm talking about above each attachment as a separate message. I've tested this on 3 different browsers (FireFox, Opera GX, Brave). It clearly worked well before, so I don't believe it's caused by my browser extensions/add-ons.

Can anyone else confirm this, or am I missing something like a keyboard shortcut or new button prompt somewhere?

Thank you

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