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Weird Gig metadata Change by Fiverr



Previously, in the Gig metadata, we could select multiple website types in the gig. However, recently, Fiverr introduced weird change and forcing to select the specifically.  They changed the website type to only one option as shown in the image. https://prnt.sc/NOsbwqvRXs5m This will limit the gig to work for only one website type e.g., either blog or ecommerce. In this case Fiverr  team is totally wrong, not properly researched.

1) They even don't know, the landing page is not website type. The landing page could be for any type of website. However, they have put it in the website type. That's the most ridiculous. 
1) Most of the times, web designers can design multiple types of websites. We can use multiple types of web designing tools to create different types of websites. If a web developer/designer can design ecommerce based website then one can easily develop/design the blog types.
2) If the same gig belongs to a company, they will be limited to create only one website type in one gig. However we can design tons of different types. Just look at https://elementor.com/library/ we can utilize the templates to design landing pages, blogs, and tons of other website types.
3) Now a days, blogs are part of most of the website. Ecommerce websites have to publish blog articles for their success.
4) Typically buyer does not go to different seller for designing each, the landing pages, blogs and ecommerce functionally on a single website. Just look at some ecommerce based WordPress plugins, blog is must part of the ecommerce.

There are many other arguments that the previous option with multiple website type was right. It looks only one person without thinking has changed this option. If you agree, support this and contact Fiverr support to restore previous multiple options.
Thank you.

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