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Fake Buyers

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If they are fake, what is it they are trying to accomplish?  Get a delivery and cancel the order?  And, how do you make a decision to accept an order from someone that does have a new account.  I had one and it turned out fine.  But, still curious how others address this. 

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it is observed that fake buyers will involving in two stages 

1 Before Place the order- those are involving to grab the details from competitive sellers and try to get details, designs and tricks from the rated sellers

those will disappear after finish his works

2 Working as a Real Buyer and order the services with temporary build account, they buy the service and correct all the things from seller and after many revisions say good bye to seller, then asked the refunds and requests to dispute the orders that my satisfaction level is not come and i want to save your and my time next time i will come with more orders......

Any kind of buyers are really Fake sellers to me



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On 5/2/2023 at 9:27 PM, marriumnaz7 said:

Are there fake buyers on Fiverr?🤔

Yes Marrium! and you know because of these fake buyers Fiverr stopped it buyer request feature! They don't know what damage they have given to the sellers specially the newbies. Fake buyers post their links to get clicks free of cost. For instance there are thousands of freelancers and when they get a buyer request or message that is saying to solve any problem in something (website, page, YouTube channel, YouTube video) they know that freelancers will check that link to offer a perfect solution to that buyer but they don't know that they have missed their buyer request or offer or their time to send a proposal to a fake work. I already saw a video by Grafixmanners on YouTube about the fake buyers!

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if you are a new seller, you face fake buyers, good to know about fake buyers, For Example, if they told you, more about project details, contact this mail or telegram, etc, when you understand the client says knock you out of the Fiverr, for sure that was a fake client!

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