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Gig not present in search suddenly


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Hello. I have a problem that i want to discuss and need your help please. My gig promotion feature suddenly stopped a month ago and my gig was not in search too. Then 2 days ago, promotion feature activated again and my gig showed in search too. But today promotion feature stopped again and gig is again not in search. My stats that are shown on my profile are very good, but still i am unable to understand this, that what is happening. Some of my clients do not give feedback after completing the orders and i never asked them to do that because it is their choice. But they are very satisfied and keep coming back to reorder and they are happy in conversations too. I thought might be some one gave low rating in private feedback but apparently no body seems to be unhappy. 


So can anybody please help me understand this that what is happening with my gigs. I am a single mom and i earn necessities of my child by working here on fiverr. I am very worried about this so i thought i should share it here and may be i can get some help or advice. Looking forward for help. 



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