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Gig Issue, Gig ranking

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My best seller gig with 1100 positive reviews + Repeat buyers badge from last 1 month + qualified for promotion + Ranking on Top in my category (Digital Marketing + Local SEO) is no where on any single keyword from last 3 months now.

Gig is optimized, Image is good, Video is good, no negative reviews, getting orders from old clients, on time delivery, best response rate, everything is perfect but Gig is nowhere on any keyword on any single page, There are alot of gigs with zero reviews, 

I don't understand. I have been waiting for 3 months now.

other gig with average performance are everywhere with all keywords.

What should i do?

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32 minutes ago, waqasiqbal763 said:

What should i do?

It happened to us too, we were stopped for 3 months... almost no traffic from Fiverr.... many say that private negative reviews destroy your performance... from what we see, also without any negative private reviews our account has not received exposure from Fiverr... 

What the shift manager said to us: Fiverr does not guarantee exposure and does not guarantee that your services pop up in search results... and they recommend to promote services with advertising, for example with Faceook ads.

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A gig is a service you provide on Fiverr, and its ranking determines how visible it is to potential clients. This blog post will focus on how to check your gig ranking on Fiverr and what you can do to enhance it.

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I managed to get very good profile ranking on Fiverr using some tips. 


  1. Fiverr title SEO optimize
  2. Fiverr description SEO optimize
  3. keyword best research 
  4. Fiverr FAQ must be used 
  5. Eyecatching banner image use 
  6. banner video use 
  7. include portfolio 
  8. Trying to satisfy the buyer through the  work
  9. Reply Fast Clients SMS
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