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Hey, I was giving a Skills test but my internet got disconnected due to power issues, and it failed. 

Now it's showing waiting for 90 days, whereas at that time after failing, it was saying that you could take it tomorrow again.

I can't publish new GIGs now.
Please help me through it. I'm very competent in English.

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I'm not trying to be the English police here, but I think your first sentence should be something like

"I was trying ( or going) to take the skill test but my internet got disconnected  (or I'll just say the internet died or gave up on me) and I failed."

I think your English is better than a lot of people I've seen on the forum who claims to be "fluent in English," but sadly I don't think you're at a native level.
You might want to change your profile setting to "conversational." 


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