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Feature Suggestion: Global Gig Setting Adjustments


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There are times when I make similar changes across all of my gigs. For example: pricing changes and delivery time changes. Currently, the only way to do this is to go to each individual gig and tweak the settings one by one. It would be extremely convenient if we could tweak global gig settings that are common between them. This doesn't work for every setting or variable, but there are at least two that I think would be very helpful:

1. Let's say I plan to be away from my workspace for a few days, and I want to extend the delivery time on all of my gigs. It would be nice if I could just select one standard delivery time for all of them, hit apply, and be done with it. That way, I can still talk to customers and receive orders while I'm away. The current implementation of "Set Availability" is effectively pointless for this reason, unless you don't want to receive organic orders. 

2. Pricing fluctuates across the Fiverr market. In order to remain competitive, sometimes us sellers have to review the competition in search and make adjustments to our pricing. For me, that mostly comes down to the initial sticker price. It would be very convenient to select the gigs I want to update (perhaps in a list, with checkboxes), set the base price, and hit apply in one fell swoop.

Just a suggestion! Let me know your thoughts.


Trevor - tro2789 on Fiverr 


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Hi Trevor,

You've brought up a great point about making changes to multiple gigs at once. It can be time-consuming to update each gig individually, and I agree that a more convenient way to manage common settings would be helpful.

I like your idea about being able to set a standard delivery time for all gigs at once. It would definitely make it easier to manage our schedules when we're away or need extra time. Fiverr helped a lot with the "Set Availability" feature, but it would be great to expand it to assist in communicating with customers.

Your suggestion about updating pricing for multiple gigs at once is excellent. A list with checkboxes would make it simple to choose the gigs we want to update, and then we could apply the new base price to all of them with just one click.

These ideas could help sellers save time and manage their gigs more efficiently. I hope other Fiverr users can share their thoughts, and maybe we can work together to suggest these improvements.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

David Piper

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I completely agree with Trevor and David on this. It would be so much easier to be able to make bulk gig changes to some parameters like delivery times and base prices. 

It would also be helpful to have an ability to pre-fill or easily pull in other gig elements like FAQs that are often common across all gigs you have in a specific category. This would make gig creation and maintenance much easier.


Mike Cole (mikecolevocals on Fiverr)

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Great Topic Trevor! 

I had this issue not to long ago and had to make a manual list of all the gigs I updated and a reminder to go back and change all of them.  I am out of the studio a few days this week and same thing, I had to go in and extend all my gigs delivery times and include a message in my gig for each one. A bit tedious and manual. 

In addition, it would be extremely helpful if Custom extras were saved and could just be "turned back on" I have several "Speedy Service" options where buyers can purchase for extra fast delivery in under 24hrs.  When I am away I remove this, but I have to manually add it back to my gigs.  It would be extremely helpful if I could just toggle it off and on when I wish to use it. 


Elizabeth (e_benincasa)

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All great ideas here. A bulk editor for the most commonly shared gig elements would be so incredibly helpful for updating pricing or going on vacation/extending delivery times due to workload. I also think mikecolevocals hit another great point with gig elements like FAQs that also tend to be shared among gigs. Whether editing current gigs or creating new ones, creating the FAQ elements and copy/pasting the information in them for every gig and every time a new gig is created is a time consuming hassle.


Great points everyone!


Clark Casey


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As someone who only works off of one gig I wasn't even aware this wasn't an option - it seems like a very natural feature to include. I may create new gigs in the future and would love if an option like this was in place rather than only being able to adjust gigs one-by-one for changes that could apply to every gig like extended delivery. Great idea. 

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