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Lately we had Kingsday in Netherlands. I´ve always made a lot on Kingsday. Because you can sit on a carpet and sell your stuff. I feel this is my position behind a laptop, kind of. 😅 Looking for new inspiration how to make more sales (ofcourse). Extra sparkle that people will stop at your place and buy everything, every day 😄 So, welcome to share your ideas and have a wonderful weekend! 

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invest in something that return repeatedly


- fiverr logo maker: make logo one time, resell forever

- softwares: program once, license forever

- workers: some have companies, they make worker do their work, and they just sit and monitor...



between do you think clients will pay much to one selling on road than one having offices ? having giant websites...

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Hi! Was a bit dissapointed I didn´t made sales today, so I created a music playlist as a motivation for everyone to make sales. There is even a inspirational quotes bundle on track 12. So, enjoy and if you have any motivation or music to add, always welcome! 


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