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I'm looking to buy the folllowing


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I own a small online business that can only ship my product within my nation.

I use Facebook and Pinterest to drive potential customers to my site.

Therefore I need to buy Facebook Friends and Pinterest Followers that are in my nation.

Contact me with your offers.

PS If you’re wondering why I posted this here instead of as a Gig Request. Well I’ve tried many times and the moderator deletes it… I’ve also contacted Customer Support and I’m being ignored.


I’m not looking for any kind of debate or discussion. I just want to buy my friends /followers.

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I could potentially help you depending on what sort of business you own! I have a better following on Twitter, but I believe it would be just as good of an outlet to promote your business! Let me know what sort of business you own so that I can know if I can help you! 🙂

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Reply to @writeitnow_:

Thanks but I already have 500k twitter followers. So I don’t need anymore twitter promotion. I sell actual physical products. Because of shipping costs and export/import problems into other nations- traffic from most nations other than my own is pretty useless to me.

Furthermore Facebook is proving to be pretty f*n useless. Despite being able to get my target market from Facebook the average potential customer is more problems than they’re worth. ((Too many scams, adolescents, people looking for free stuff and men looking for masturbation material))

Women 25 years old and up are my primary target group. Pinterest appears to really talk to women. So what I need is Pinterest followers from France, Germany, United Kingdom and Belgium.

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