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How can I make a perfect gig?



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Different gigs in different categories and markets have different definitions on what a "perfect gig" looks like.

Here's a piece of advice that I got from my Seller Success Manager:

  • Check out what the Top Rated Sellers in your category are doing
    • For example:
      • If they've got plenty of portfolio samples that they've done for other buyers/non-Fiverr buyers
      • How they structure their gig description
      • How they price their gig package/packages
      • How they word the description of package/packages of their gigs
      • What kind of add-ons do they have
      • How they word/structure their profile description
      • What kind of FAQs do they have on their gigs (this helps a lot because the same category of gigs tend to have the same FAQs)

Good luck!

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Make sure your Fiverr gig images are visually appealing. This means using attractive colors, fonts, and layouts that will grab attention and hold it. Remember, people are visual creatures, so the more aesthetically pleasing your images are, the more likely they are to click on your gig.

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I managed to get very good profile ranking on Fiverr using some tips. 


  • Fiverr title SEO optimize
  • Fiverr description SEO optimize
  • keyword best research 
  • Fiverr FAQ must be used 
  • Eyecatching banner image use 
  • banner video use 
  • include portfolio 
  • Trying to satisfy the buyer through the  work
  • Reply Fast Clients SMS
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