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Do clicks and impressions really help in getting orders?



I want to get some information from a specialist. Do clicks and impressions really help in getting orders? I think many impressions and clicks are not needed to get an order. Some actual impressions and clicks are required to get the order. Actual impressions and clicks mean impressions and clicks from buyers. There are many sellers who check their gig's rank on their devices. When they check their gig's rank and what page their gig is on, somehow my gig is in front of their eyes, which gives me an impression. And if they like my gig title and image, they'll go inside my gig to see how it's set up, and because of that, I get a click. But these clicks and impressions will not help in getting orders. These are just my thoughts. Is it correct?

Thanks for reading it. And if I have written something wrong, then look at it with forgiveness.

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