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Custom work quoted but is under expectations


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I have recently completed my first transaction on Fiverr (I was a buyer). I reached out to a seller asking if they would be willing to willing to complete work on more content than they offered in their packages. I sent the work to the seller to get a quote. In my opinion, it was hard work for a low price, but considering that I am not an expert in the field and they had amazing reviews and a lot of them, I figured that their quote is a fair price that they would be happy with. 

Now, I received my finished product and it is definitely lower than my expectations. Some of my requests were not met and an entire image was completely altered from the original due to difficulty. At this point, I don't want any revisions or the completed work, mainly because I can tell that the product I want will require a lot more work. However, I feel bad that this person spent their time trying and it wasn't what I wanted. Should I just accept the work and move on?

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