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I forgot which email is associated with my Phone Number!!



I contacted Fiverr two times, and both times nothing happens. You click the support ticket results in a empty page. 

This is the most bizarre setup ive ever seen of any website. 

So I been away for years ive started and quit a number of times. Through those times, i just made new accounts. Then I leave the account. So maybe there is three or four total accounts. But only one of those accounts i verified my cell phone on. Okay no big deal, Ill just go verify my number on the account I can remember .WRONG. 

You get a message saying the number is tied to another account. Okay, but I still have access to that number and cell phone. So why cant i just get a confirmation to apply that number to a new account?  Or at least get a number sent to my phone with that email ?  There seems to be No recourse. 

Ive heard of losing a number, a password, but  never a email tied to a number, that you cant change, even if you have access to the number.

So i have some cool graphic design ideas to sell. Now im stuck. 

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I think I know why this is happening.

So, Having multiple accounts is against Fiverr TOS, You can have only one account for yourself with your real name and information.

Because you already have an account associated with that number you can’t reuse it for another new account.

Either use your previous account and delete any other account. Please don't keep multiple accounts.

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