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If I search with gig tag and can't find the gig.

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All of your gigs seems active.

If you are not able to find your gig with tag there is a possibility that you may have missed your gig in search result.

Try to apply different filters of your gig eligibiliity and check the minimal result and if you still dont see your gig then you should contact fiverr Customer supoort.

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6 hours ago, jemesweb said:

If I search with a gig tag but can't find the gig. What can I do? Need suggestions.

My Profile: https://www.fiverr.com/jemesweb


3 hours ago, rafiq45 said:

gig rank down but it was ranked and they are no cancellations.

Fiverr does not guarantee that your services will receive impressions or that your services will appear in search results. Recommend promoting your service with advertising, for example using twitter ads or Fiverr promotion.

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