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How can I learn why my account is restricted?



Sorry, ı could not find where to post my question.

My account was restricted approximately 1 month ago. Meanwhile, I sent a couple of e-mails asking about the reason for this restriction. I still don't know why my account is restricted and I am aware that customer support is not responsible for this question. I hope someone that had the same experience can guide me.

In the first mail, there was a link related to a "suspicious clone account". This would be a ridiculous reason. I cannot even make a comment on this. Why would a seller open a clone account if s/he really wants to make money? For fake reviews? It is still ridiculous to have a clone account and I am surely not related to such a reason. I ignored this link because the link goes to the TOS page. Should I take this seriously? 

In addition, I received an e-mail from Fiverr team 19 Feb 2023 and they said that they replaced one of my gigs from business consulting to legal consulting. However, I didn't read the e-mail carefully but when I check the replaced category now, it is wrong because I am not a legal person. I can only provide business consulting services. When Fiverr team replaced my gig to legal consulting category, it is against TOS. But I didn't recognize it at that time and I thought Fiverr is helping me to get more visits. Can this be the reason?

Thirdly, I have the contact information of some of my clients. I contacted customer support and I asked them if it is ok to get the contact details of the buyers. It is necessary to get quotes and most Turkish manufacturers do not even quote to an anonymous buyer. The address of the buyer is also needed for the shipment quotes. I provide certified translation services as well and the same issue exists there. Fiverr customer support told me that contact details can be shared if it is really necessary for the work. In the beginning, it was only certified translation but then my sourcing gig became very popular and contact details were all over the place (in almost all orders). Can this be a reason? If so, I cannot source anything at Fiverr because my account will be restricted again.. Other Turkish sellers are easily sharing their details and their profiles are active. so I don't think this is a reason. I know this because I directed one of my clients to other Turkish freelancers for product inspection (the company was in istanbul and I live in izmir so I cannot inspect products in Istanbul so I told my client to find another freelancer that lives in Istanbul and I gave him some links of Turkish freelancers).

I always kept my communications and payments on Fiverr.. I even don't have a payment method for international people. I have a payoneer account and only predefined companies like Fiverr or other freelancing platforms can pay me. My basic aim was to become Fiverr Select and I was thinking that I was doing good. 

I have to admit that I didn't read the TOS carefully because it is too long and English is not my native language. 

In short, how can I learn why my account was restricted in the first place? 

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