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Having Clicks and Impression but no order


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On 4/24/2023 at 8:44 AM, graphicpluslimi said:

Please I need your advice. I have many click and impressions on my gigs but no order on my gigs. I am a new seller. Please I Need your guide

Your gig images are not attractive for buyers that's why you are not getting impressions or clicks. Work on them further.

Add your portfolio via gig images if you have done any projects previously!

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5 minutes ago, graphicpluslimi said:

By implementing these solutions, you can improve your Fiverr gig's visibility and attract more clients.🥰

Your text was generated using AI, most likely Bing Chat, going by the use of Emojies. 

Bing Chat agrees with that assessment: 

If you have nothing to contribute besides auto-generated responses, why post at all? 

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On 4/28/2023 at 6:01 PM, graphicpluslimi said:

I was the one that put emoji when typing .

changing of gigs regularly might cause decrease in impression and clicks

if there are also negative feedback e.g like canceling order . it might also affect it

Ok. I assume you used ChatGPT, then. 

Anyway – posting AI content on the forum is against the forum rules, specifically number 8: 

And I quote: 

"Post original material that is not AI-generated. If you post information taken from the Fiverr site or other places, cite its source."

So please, it's better not to post than to contribute something an AI has randomly generated. Also, when you have one review and little success to speak of, it might be better to read, learn and ask questions instead of trying to guide other sellers. 🙂 If the AI said something completely wrong (and it has been known to do that) you would have no way of knowing it unless you're an experienced seller, meaning you risk giving other sellers in trouble bad advice that could end up hurting them. 

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27 minutes ago, graphicpluslimi said:

please i need background Romoving job. I have not been getting other for a while. please check out my gigs. I will provide my service at a good price



I also create website

do book editing



When I first started on Fiverr, I think manual "background removal" 🖼️ was actually one of my very first gigs. It was an extremely competitive field back in 2019, and I never got a single legit customer (only scammers). 😅

I quickly abandoned that gig back then and concentrated more on my animation gigs. But now, new technologies are making it even more difficult to carve out a niche in background removal, unless perhaps you can offer a spin on your services that AI apparently can't do very well:

Like, you could advertise the isolation of multiple, complicated foreground subjects -or- the isolation of foreground subjects that look very similar to the background.

Bottom line, it might help to advertise yourself as the "background removal solution" for when AI fails 🤖

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