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Customer service not responding - Gig request problem


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I’ve been trying to post a gig request to buy various social media followers in my nation.

I have a small online business and I really can’t ship my products out of my nation. So it makes sense that when I buy some sort of social media followers for marketing purposes that I would only want those that I can actually help me with my sales. It does me NO good to have friends /followers from nations I can never sell to!

But for some silly foolish reason everytime I post this gig request the moderator never approves my gig. And if I just post an open gig request not stating what kind of followers I’m looking to buy… I get flooded with sellers looking to make a dollar and NONE of them can give me what I want.

Plus I have the extra problem of having to contact each of them… explain what I’m looking for… wait for a response… and then move on to the next.

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