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Complete drop in impressions seemingly overnight



About 3 days ago I noticed that my gig couldn't be promoted anymore and submitted a ticket asking why. Support helped about as much as they normally do, not at all. My main gig went from about 5K impressions a day to basically 0 now. Not just that gig but all my gigs have dropped to almost nothing. Mind you i have 99% anyalitics in all categories including delivery, response rate etc. My account has 113 5 star reviews and 2 4 star reviews. Was producing about 15-20K a month in jobs and now I'm expecting that to drop significantly. None of this makes sense. It literally looks like someone at fiverr said shadow ban this account and it was done. I have repeat clients and have earned the repeat buyer badge so I will still get work but it's looking like I need to get my own store launched here quickly. Does fiverr not want more revenue for the platform. Why shadow ban me when most of my reviews say I am the best UGC creator on the platform. What gives? 

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