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Hi Guys,

I’m wondering how this Live Portfolio feature works. For example, recently I finished couple of gigs where I delivered video files (some of them were delivered in Fiverr attachment feature in a gig) and I can’t see any portfolio in any of my gigs. Is this something that should be discussed with the buyer? Should he somehow click on something to allow me to add those videos to my portfolio?

And also I had delivered recently a gig via WeTransfer as the video was much larger than 150MB and the buyer was so happy with the result that he suggested to add his video to my portfolio. Is this something that can be done even if there was no attachment to delivered gig?



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Reply to @madmoo: If you mean that I should check if the checkbox of “LIVE PORTFOLIO ON” is marked, then yes, each of my gigs have marked this option.

So it is only up to a buyer that he can allow adding image or video to my portfolio? Because I don’t see those videos that I delivered in a gig and which have a “preview” in a delivery. Or maybe this should be added automatically and somehow it doesn’t work for me? Or maybe buyer clicked on a cross and removed his video from my portfolio and I just can’t check that and don’t have any notification about it?

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