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Yep, most logo designers here in Fiverr will be designing a new logo for you. You should find a logo designer with a detailed gig description and read it thoroughly. As a logo designer myself, I make sure my description is clear enough that buyers shouldn’t have much doubt when ordering my gig.

Be careful - if you come across some gigs telling you something like “let you pick a logo /stock photo in the portfolio”, you should definitely check the description more carefully. You may not be getting the exclusive right to use the logo you pick - that means you won’t be able to trademark it as the right you receive is non-exclusive.

But most gigs will say “Design/Create a log for …”, and that means you own the full right of the logo after the designer delivers the logo to you, and there should be no problem of copyright infringement (unless the logo designer is copying others…).

Hope this helps clear your doubt. 🙂

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