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Impressions after 2 Fiverr Reviews


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Hello, I am a new seller on fiverr and I have managed to get 2 orders from my old clients. They also left a positive 5 star review and must have left a good private feedback too since they are loyal clients and I am serving them for more than 5 years. One problem though, after receiving these orders and reviews, my gig is still not getting any impressions in search (only 5-10 impressions a day). Why is that? 

1st Gig - https://www.fiverr.com/share/qyG4W5

2nd Gig - https://www.fiverr.com/share/p5G4El

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On 4/23/2023 at 2:16 PM, siridhata said:

What do you mean you're a new seller but have been serving these clients for more than 5 years? Did you have an old account?

No. I was serving them via Facebook. That's where I found them in the first place

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