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Hi! I am new here. Please help me understand what this means.



Greetings! I'm new here and would like to sell, but there is something I am not entirely sure about. To be direct, can anyone help me understand how "delivery time" operates? For instance, do you physically transport the goods you offer, or is it possible to distribute them electronically and send them to the email addresses of your potential customers?

Thank you in advance to those who can help me understand this.



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In addition to what @leannelrivers said, we're not allowed to exchange personal contact information (like email address, phone number, WhatsApp, or any other) with buyers. Everything has to go through Fiverr.

7 hours ago, arxxx_ said:

do you physically transport the goods you offer

Fiverr isn't really meant for selling goods you need to physically ship somewhere; it does exist as an option, but Fiverr is mostly meant for selling digital goods and services.

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