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gig impression issue


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hey every one , I recently changed a gig niche from one sub field in video editing to social media marketing. and it has dropped my impressions from 17 per week to 1 per week.

my description is filled with video editing , social media about 5 percent which I found to be the max. also I tried my best to seo optimise my gig tags and title but cant seem to improve any thing. what should I do now . I am tired of trying things . I have been on fiverr for 2 years now trying something different and waiting a couple of things but nothing gets me over 200 impressions per week or even 100 impressions I seriously need to start earning now. any help is appreciable.


should I make a new gig , might the impressions have dropped cus I have changed the sub niche , but I thought that the main niche is the same.

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