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How best to format my various options into Fiverr's "three-package" Gig structure? (Art)


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Hello, I'm trying to set up my Gig(s), and I'm not sure how exactly I should break up my package levels. Attached is the information/price sheet that I intend to use on other sites. I aim to offer a variety of options, including traditional/digital, rough/clean/flat color/cel-shade, partial body rates, and a cheaper "cutesy" style. I want to tailor custom prices to match whatever the customer asks for, but the three-package and Extras system seems very rigid to me.

I could understand splitting Character Concepts and Cartoon Style Imitation off into their own separate Gigs, but I don't how the basics (paper/digital/color) should be formatted. If 4 packages were an option, then I could make them "Rough", "Clean", "Flat", and "Cel-Shade", leaving the Traditional/Digital choice for Rough and Clean up to the buyer; but with 3 packages, one option gets left out.

When it comes to Extras (such as Additional Figures), it appears that I can only have a single price value, rather than a range. Since my prices are dependent on the quality level and the visible portion of a character's body, I can't enter a single price that would be accurate for every possibility. This would be the same for something like "Background/scene" option, which could vary wildly depending on the complexity. I'm not sure how to factor in "Partial Body" or "Cutesy Style" prices either, since it seems it's only possible to add to the price, not subtract, multiply, or divide.

It's possible that I'm missing something obvious or overthinking it. Should I use a single package and have everything be Extras? Or perhaps split the various options into their own Gigs somehow? Whatever the method, I want to somehow communicate that I'm very flexible with options. Any advice on how to format all this would be greatly appreciated.


Bonus question: Is this sheet suitable to include in a Gig's gallery, or should I stick solely to using the individual sample images?


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Hello imagination7413, thanks for your response.

I have looked at other Gigs, but there don't appear to be many that offer a lot of "levels"; usually they're exclusively colored works, sketches/lineart, or go "sketch/lineart/full color", without a 'flat color' in between.

After further investigation, I think that what I can do is have the "sketch/lineart/cel-shade" options be the 3 packages; with flat colors as an Extra for lineart only; partial-body and cutesy-style as "free" Extras; and explain everything further in the description, FAQs, and requirements.

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That's a good starting point, I think. You can always adjust it later, if you find it's not working out the way you thought. 

Also, for general Fiverr advice, I would recommend reading this (except the 'Buyer Request' section, that's out of date): 


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