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how to edit "request" ?



Hi, first message here. Just joined to Fiverr to post some jobs, and currently trying to figure out basics. I quickly prepared a request, and post it (assuming its same thing as 'job' on some other platforms).
Now I want to edit it, but could not find any function/menu to edit a posted 'request'. According to web sources, there should be a 'dashboard' menu, not available anywhere.

And now I am seeing theres an "orders", to further complicate things. And yes, its not visible anywhere, either.

Is there any how-to page for Fiverr ?

Thanks for the answers!


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Welcome to the Fiverr forums. In short, there are basically two main ways to find a service: the search function and the matching system (We Sellers call it 'briefs' from our end.) I'm not sure about editing, but I think this is the correct Help Center page for the matching system: 

There's a button at the bottom if you would like to contact Fiverr Customer Support. 

Specifically on the matter of internet resources talking about 'requests', if the source is older than last November (2022), then it is outdated information. 

As for 'Orders', that page only generates once you've paid for a service. It's a separate conversation page from the main messages. 

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