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In Need Of Fiverr Advice - Increasing Impressions And Turning Clicks Into Conversions?


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Hello, Fiverr users!


I am Samuel Coello, and I'm (technically but not literally) new to Fiverr. I've done a few Gigs back in 2017, but I was young, dumb, and had no clue what I wanted to do with my life, and definitely didn't know what I wanted to do with Fiverr. I sadly did not perform as well as I should have, resulting in reviews that I simply did not care as much about at the time.


Now, I am back, trying to hone my skills as I've gotten older and have seen day in and day out the importance of utilizing the Internet to try and scale any business idea that I might come up with.


With that being said, it's time for some details, a question or two, and hopefully some back-and-forth conversation to help both you and I learn a thing or two about Fiverr.


So, my first question: Am I allowed to promote my Gigs in the Fiverr Forums? ChatGPT says yes, but my gut is telling me no. 

Second question: When creating this forum thread, some of the options for topics were grayed out, which is why I ended up selecting the Fiverr Stories category. Is this typical? Why were some options grayed out?

Third question: How does promoting my Gigs work, what are the rules, etc? I've heard I can't use paid ads for promoting my gigs outside of Fiverr, while I've also heard I can use paid ads to bring traffic to a website I've created which may have my Fiverr profile or Gig embedded into the website itself so I'm not directly promoting my Gigs. Is this true, or is there more to this that I should know?


I won't be attaching any photos as I am on a bit of a time crunch, and have been working all day and I am tired. I will attach photos later if it seems it'd be beneficial. I definitely won't be attaching my Gigs or photos of my Gigs until I know for sure that it is allowed in the Fiverr Forums.


With all this being said, I've tried using free marketing strategies such as tweeting out links to my Fiverr Gigs, posting about my Gigs on Facebook, and today, I tried specifically joining translation and interpretation Facebook groups since that is what my main Gig is about. Yet, neither has really brought in any extra traffic, the Facebook groups seem to all be filled with scams, and overall, it feels like my attempts at bringing in sales for a simple translation Gig are being thwarted, which is beginning to demoralize me a little bit. I thought I could get my first sale by now for this second run at Fiverr in my older years. I took the free Fiverr Learn course, did a few skills tests, I believe my title and Gig details are optimized, with all 3 photo slots, the video slot, and both document slots filled.


Lastly, I do recieve messages, but I don't remember Fiverr having so many bots. I have recieved over 30 messages about my translation Gig, but every one turned out to be a bot that I could not even reply to because Fiverr would remove their account or something of the sort. I'm not entirely sure, I just get a notice saying that the user can no longer be contacted.


So with all this being said, anybody have some advice? I'd like to think I'm relatively tech savvy and can learn rather quickly, so I do ask for some constructive criticism or helpful advice that you think might be able to help me out. I've been developing my translation skills over the years, and I am a little bummed how much it feels like my hard work and dedication just are not paying off.

The gig has 745 impressions, 3 clicks, 0 orders, 0% cancellation rate. Like I said, I do have 3 other active Gigs, but this is sadly my best performing Gig after about a week of activity, and I am just unsure what to do.


Thank you in advance to anybody who takes the time to read this, and double-thank you in advance if you're about to enlightenment with some well-needed knowledge.


Thank you, thank you!!

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