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Fiverr forcing my gigs to $25 instead of $5



I have notices on my seller dashboard that I have to update my gigs by May 17th or they will be deactivated.   When I go in to update the "meta data" it is also forcing me to change my prices from $5 to $25!    I thought this was "FIVERR" where gigs start at $5 and up.    While I can appreciate Fiverr wanting to make me more money, I don't understand why I'm being forced to sell my services for $25 when many of them are just quick little things that I charge $5 for.

The editing/updating will not proceed unless I raise my prices!   Anyone else having this kind of issue?



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Oh I see, you feel that everyone should charge the same price for their services no matter what and that Fiverr should control what people charge for their services.   Sorry, but if I want to charge $5 for my service....being Fiverr which is founded on $5 gigs, then I should be able to.    

In the meantime I did finally hear back from Fiverr support and they fixed the issue.   (so there WAS a problem obviously).  lol 


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