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A lot of views but no cnversions?


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Are you getting a lot of views on your gigs but a low conversion rate? Well just be patient. Fiverr is like a matching game Right buyer right seller.

However, you could try a few tips to raise your chances of conversions.

  1. Keep your gig title short and sweet
  2. Make your description as informative as possible but short as well.
  3. Choose a unique photo that relates to your service. It has to be your own or you need rights to use it.
  4. Promote your gig on social networks and other blogs and forums. Fiverr has a specific forum for promoting your gig.
  5. Share your gig as much as possible and ask your friends to share as well. You may find that your friends could make a large contingent of your client base.
  6. Produce quality work and you will get positive rating

    Have fun.
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Good post, Ricky. I’ve come a long way on Fiverr but I still find myself doing most of the things you mentioned.

To other sellers, if you’ve ever gone to a flea market and seen the shopkeepers tirelessly advertising their products to all the passerbys, you’ll know the feeling. Just keep at it and eventually you’ll get customers.

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