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Kill the ARS System this way! No one can stop you!

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We cant get fiverr to lesson to us!! So fix it with your buyers.

Most of the time about 98% of your buyers want to do re orders from your great work.

So if they give you less then a 5 star,Then let this as your rating to them with a 5 star.

Sorry but I don’t do re orders to past buyers that leave me anything less then a 5 star.

Then write their info down in a book.

So when they re order They will need to fix the last order rating.

I know this isn’t a real fix.

But with fiverr not lessening at this point.

Sellers need to do what we can to try to save our ratings.

If this was a prefect world then this would never come up, and we would be heard.

I’m here as a Seller and I’m here to try to help other Sellers.

My buyers seem to already now this from me from my past with them.

You too need to make your voice known to your buyers too.

God bless and please try to enjoy fiverr for even what it is worth now a days.

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Sadly, even few of my routine clients are giving customarily 4 stars.

One buyer said he is happy with my work when I delivered him final files he left a 3.5 rating claiming he actually does not like my work! My sales are down because of this new raring system!

Somehow I manage to fix few reviews but this is happening everyday when at-least 1-2 buyers are leaving less than 5 star!

There is some issue on my parts too like different time zone, language constraints etc which is giving buyers a reason to leave less than 5 star, but this is not a fair competition!

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As it stands now, I’m taking a hit on my overall rating because I got a questionable review over 18 months ago. 5r needs to dump the current system and adopt something like ebay has in place. Show the current feedback in 30, 90 & 120 intervals. Sure if I got a bad rating 2 years ago that’s fine reflect that but show the prospective client that I’ve corrected my problems and now demonstrate a consistent track record of quality work. Also dump the “would you order again?” that’s just plain stupid.

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Reply to @ezinearticles4u: I agree! It feels like I’d be pestering them if I ask them to change my rating. One of my buyers said “you’re a pro” in his review but gave me a 4.3 star. Then he sent me a message telling me that he wants to continue working with me for his other video projects. I really don’t understand why he gave me less than 5 stars if he was that satisfied.

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Yeah i really dont mind the star rating but i dont like it eighter for 1 reason …I really think buyers dont understand it and its confusing that they have to give 5 star rate in 3 categorys “delivery time , buy again , blabla”. For example i had a buyer , delivered 1 days faster then usual , i gave him the product in 2 diferent colors when i only had to give it in one , gave him a bonus file , done his requested modifications in no time and he leave this review “”" He is excellent. He listens to what your vision is, then executes with a fast turnaround. It’s really impressive. I’m picky and I highly recommend him. A+++ “”" with a 4.5 stars wich i really dont understand.Probabily because he talks about himself that he’s "picky"and probabily he never gives 5 stars , probabily. This is the reason i don’t like it and i think it very bad.

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