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Hey, Over here everyone!

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Hope you doing well!

Let me give you a bit of context about myself. I recently joined Fiverr a few days back, in hope of gaining some real work experience in my newly switched field. I was doing a part-time job before this and was making just enough, but was not contempt with my mundane routine at all. Since I joined, its been an eye opener. People making decent money with the flexibility of their own schedule is truly amazing. 

I haven't received any gigs yet but there is one issue which I would love to discuss with my fellow community members. I lost one potential client from a different country because of the time zone difference. I was not able to reply back fairly quickly, and by the time I saw the text, the person had already closed the chat. 

I would love to pick your brain on it. 



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You could set up an auto-reply for when you're asleep or away for a few hours. I wouldn't recommend it being on all the time as I find personalised replies are always better, but it could help with the clients in different time zones. If they really want your service they'll a few hours. 

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