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Becoming a Level 2 seller..?


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I know this might be a stupid question… but here goes nothing!

I am currently Level 1, about three months old on fiverr and according to my analytics I’m 90% on my way to Level 2. I have a 6% conversion rate, 100% rating with only one mutual cancellation. I haven’t yet fulfilled 50 orders (I’m just shy of 50) and it’s been over 2 months.

Here’s my question: Will I still be promoted to Level 2?

The whole Levels explanation is kind of unclear as to whether it only happens if you meet the criteria within 2 months, or whether you can still be promoted after the two month period has passed…

Thanks for reading 🙂

[edit] I’ve been sitting on 90% to Level 2 for quite a while now…

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